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    Episode 4, part 1 #timeline

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    Chapter 1 Hidden truth or the biggest lie?

    Episode 4 (Part1)

    Dad is sitting in front of me, moms beside him on the sofa. They usually seem very cheerful, but now they are looking very serious, after all.
    I don't know what to do.
    Dad broke the silence, he said," Son we are sorry to not tell you this earlier..."
    I interrupted," What did you want to tell me earlier?"
    " I just...can't explain it. It's messed up."
    Mom said," You are our only child."
    " I know that, mom, but don't do I have the right to know the thing that is related to me?"
    Dad replied," You have it, and we won't deprive you of it.
    As your mom said you are our child, but...you weren't born from your mother."
    I was shocked. I hesitated," What does that mean?"
    Dad replied," You were...actually...we found you in an accident."
    I was left clueless. I saw mom, tears swelled in her eyes. She said," You were only four months old, we had to save you. It was your luck that saved you..."
    The world was spinning. Was this all a very bad prank? This must be dream...
    Dad said," The government wouldn't let us have you cause your DNA didn't match ours, thus we were forced to change your DNA structure to match ours.
    Your mom and I researched in this sector for years, and this was our final test. We had to save you..."
    Mom started crying. I couldn't think properly." Was I a result of an experiment?" I asked.
    And then dad said," There are somethings you need not to know, at least for now..."
    This was too much for a day. I ran out of the front door in the fresh night air. I started to walk towards the park.
    I sat down on a bench, near a swing. The swing was moving due to gentle breeze. Just then I realised, that I wasn't alone there...