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    There was a time
    When we do rhyme!

    Stress was just a word
    We learnt in third!
    Know the meaning
    But not the feeling!

    Being a kid, we wonder
    How beautiful is it to be older!
    Elders look so tidy
    While smiling brightly!

    Everything seems sorted
    And they look good hearted!
    Wish to grow up soon
    And fly up to the moon!

    Step on step we grow older
    Try to become a bit bolder!
    And in the race of getting better
    In the adulthood we have entered!

    Now realise
    This is not a life
    We once liked!

    Now remembering those days
    Hurt in many ways!
    In this world we all wanted to look good,
    But, we forget to do what we should!

    We too have that brighter smile,
    But happiness is away the miles!
    We too look tidy,
    But with the soul which is untidy!

    Looking upto stars and call them grandparents,
    How do they went there asking from parents!

    That was the life,
    We all like!

    In search of happiness we have come so far,
    While In childhood happiness is just having chocolate bar!
    Realising we are mature enough,
    Makes life even tough!

    Growing older is easy,
    But living as an older is messy!
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    Easy things turnes out to be messy sometimes!!
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