• dseals25 6w


    It's a new day,
    But for some it's always the same,
    They stay craving to be sane,

    They stay praying,
    But will things change?
    They stay begging,
    Just to be unheard,

    They wake up laying on the cold ground,
    Diseases accumulating to their heart,
    They don't know if there will be a tomorrow,

    Everything's fine,
    Until you experience their pain,
    Until you are left with no penny to your name,
    How will you survive?

    You got a job now,
    But how long will it really last?

    You got a house now,
    But what if it gets repossessed?

    You got a car now,
    But what if the engine goes out?

    They come up,
    And everything you ever worked for,
    Was for nothing,

    They come up,
    You stay down,
    You don't know how you're going to get around,
    You don't where you're going to live,
    You don't even know how you're going to pay bills,

    They come up,
    Now you're waking up right in their shoes!