• quinn_cousin 10w

    The wind follows you


    I was just lying on my bed
    and was wondering something.

    Carlyn knocked on the door and
    I opened the door and let her in.

    She started talking about something,
    but I was in my own thoughts.
    I guess she noticed me, thinking
    and she laughed at me.

    " Why are you laughing?"
    I said.
    " Nothing" she replied with a smile
    and controlling her laughter.
    " I wonder what prips and Mahiro are doing,
    right now"
    She said.
    " How should I know, you can call her and ask her."
    "Let me call her " she said

    Josh's POV CONTINUE....

    Carlyn called prips,
    They talked for hours and
    I started playing game
    and still noticing whether
    she's still talking or not.
    They talked till late night
    and then after telling each other
    Goodnight, she hanged up the call.

    " She was feeling sleepy" Carlyn said,
    "That's nice, don't you feel sleepy"
    I replied not showing my happiness.
    " You know you can tell me anything, right? "
    She said, does she know that I like her best friend.
    I was still not ready to tell anyone, I'm too shy
    with all these things.
    " Yes I know, but there's nothing to tell,
    other than goodnight ", I'm not good at hiding but I tried.
    She said good night too and she left my room.
    I was feeling good now and I went to sleep.