• samanthaspeaks 5w

    Thank you IG viewers !

    Question IG viewers! Should I get an agent for my writing! I see I have a lot
    Of dedicated viewers and a lot of support in the music industry! I’d like to make a career of it! But I’m not exactly sure how the industry works! Please help! Dm me if you have any advice ! I’d appreciate you all so much and I am so very blessed to have so many amazing and legendary artist
    Producers Musicians and Performimg artists view my work! Thank each and every one of you. Special thanks to @sarahdatsjani (spelling?) for being one of my very first IG Viewers. Ty Sarah! Also thanks to DJ Equal
    The Deciples music, jayceeoh,
    Seal, Jordanisroyal, Andrew Cooper, Ashley
    Morgan juice Ellison, Johnny-farhan,
    Makeshiftofficial, Steve and Mike of one duo ! You all are more than appreciated and are some of my
    Most loyal and dedicated readers! Whove all been here since the begining! Not many people get your support the way I have so big ups to LA! I hope to visit soon with all new work!