• dhaval_sangtani 5w

    they were called the love couples,
    were deeply attracted towards emotions.
    but the emotions were darkly stolen,
    but all those were followed by the semi colon.

    somewhere between enjoying their time with joy,
    now there were left behind some of there cautions.
    as they have lost to have glance over,
    as if now every moment of love comes with the tons of problems.

    there heart was filled with river of love,
    but they were being separated rather than being into one soul.
    they were always for eachother but now as if its look like everything gonna be over,
    but they were still living in a hope that one day all the problems will be solved.

    but they both knew that its just a hope atleast they can't leave together,
    and they just decided to quit all over together.


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