• moonchild_rupsha 10w

    BTS- Inspiration, Motivation, Home

    We are Bulletproof
    We never Lie, we're never Lost
    We are Young Forever
    So we can Make It Right
    You should Love Yourself
    'Cause I Need U
    I'll show you the Best of Me
    If I'm wrong, So What
    So Save Me from this
    War of Hormones
    I see No More Dream
    I'm not a Boy In Luv
    The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
    Is A Brand New Day
    When I Run back HOME
    I feel your Heartbeat
    You're my Pied Pieper
    For whom my Fire burns
    Singularity is the only
    Stigma you got
    So come to my utopia 'cause
    You are the cause of my Euphoria
    It's Definitely You
    The reason of my Serendipity
    The Epiphany of my happiness
    You are the Dionysus of my dreams
    Within whom I find a Boy With Luv
    For you I shed my
    Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Yes, that is my Persona
    When Boy Meets Evil
    You're the Lights
    BTS is World
    ARMY I family
    Together we're one
    As we rule the world