• _jassi_ 8w

    "I'm yours"
    There's such purity, tenderness which is felt when you hear this from the one you have given your heart and soul to.
    The conviction in their voice, the strength in their attitude towards you being theirs despite all odds is possibly one of the most beautiful things you'll ever experience.
    There's an acute willingness to surrender yourself to that person but they not only say this, it's through their actions you learn to believe in their innocence.
    You learn to share yourself with them through the good and the bad, you're with them, for better or for worse.
    These two words hold an unavowed promise for a future enveloped with togetherness and love.
    There's so much that depends on these two words. You never ask to hear them but when you do, you know it as deep as in your soul that it is everything you ever wanted to sink into.

    ❤ ©_jassi_

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