• wrandhart 6w

    you may

    you may now suffer
    without my attention
    you may, in time
    be faced with your own

    all of your seeking
    and what has it wrought
    a lost home lost security
    a lost man, a lost love
    you have sacrificed everything
    to have your cake and eat it too
    now, in the end, do you
    realize that you cannot have both

    your friends do not
    want to be around you
    and those that do
    coerce you into things
    that you would rather not be
    but its ok, because at least
    you have a little validation.

    you flake out on your job
    you're two-faced to your friends
    unable to commit to anything
    stuck in a sea with eternal
    sharks gnawing.

    but until you face reality
    and understand that
    your self-centeredness
    and your need for
    attention is your
    own source of pain

    then as we say
    Welcome to hell
    enjoy your stay