• boundless_spark 23w

    El maestro venenoso

    Those moments still spark up in my mind,
    on rainy evenings or solitude,
    erupting convoluted yet linear thoughts,
    of miss anonymous,
    humming just one phrase,
    "it is futile to reside in a dilapidated home";

    "Be a man, my brother ",
    my best friend used to say,
    my repository for all my secrets,
    "It is her loss, that she neglected you", 
    he taught me some of the best things,
    "love yourself. Be selfish,
    disconnect a bit from the virtual world,
    find happiness in nature,
    work on yourself. Be capable,
    It is the beginning to a new phase,
    need amusement?
    start a conversation with anyone,
    need unconditional love?
    hug the woman who rocked the cradle";

    For months, i worked on self-improvement,
    past memories stopped bothering me eventually,
    moreover, his sayings had changed my life,
    I could see myself as a stronger person,
    but nowadays he seemed perpetually tensed,
    I got so hell bent in my own world,
    that i did not care what his problem was;

    my best friend would spend hours on his phone,
    which contained some compromising photos,
    of him and miss anonymous;

    But before blocking her,
    he messaged her just one phrase,
    "life is a cycle. Isn't it?".