• jnani_shakti 6w

    My love, imagined or not

    I only have a little light,
    The rest is you. I’m mainly
    Darkness without despair.
    That’s not true, my
    Despair is not knowing you. Though
    My darkness empty, Enigma
    Penetrates with bright vitality,
    To become the wind, a ray
    Of light, a cawing crow,
    In dark of night. I feel freedom,
    The curiosity, childlike. Are you the love
    Of my life or the greatest mystery,
    Failing to be grasped with my flimsy
    Mind. I can’t contain you but,
    In my empty times you do fill,
    Me with the cosmos miniaturized.
    There are moments when all is good.
    So good. But then I take a step
    To the right or left and I’m
    In a forest without a trail. Blocked
    By poison ivy and the fear of bears.
    If I knew for certain that you exist,
    Would that belittle you? You know
    How unappreciative I can be.
    It’s the wondering that keeps me
    Longing. Regardless, it’s the light,
    The heat the energy and flight,
    That is the rapture. You are the
    Love of my life, even if only imagined.