• blind_angel 5w

    ���� it's so wierd. Turning 18 is not much of a fun. Anyway I m happy z it's my birthday. Having no friend to call my bff is fregging painful. Anyways ya all keep smiling. ����
    @the_quite_girl #birthday @the_broken_wind @parul_ @ruqayya_laique #scorsby #amritapaulchowdhury
    Thank you for standing as an inspiration. love you all

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    Another year gone. Another beautiful day would come. A Melody in my mind I hum. It's my birthday let's have fun. A childhood gone and the young girl has turned into an elder one. Memories few dear to heart and some numbed. New things to learn and get many to do. A chapter to write and to do all things right and anew. New habits made some old lost and forgotten, some days were gloamy some were full of sunshine and brightend. Still I keep it all behind me and bid a half heartened goodbye, this one thing I would never deny. I still haven't changed much. It's pretty nice to celebrate but without friends I feel very glum. A Melody I hum, it's my birthday let's have fun, let's have fun.