• rahulraichandani 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Hits and blows,
    Falling low after lows,
    Crushed efforts, tired bones,
    Breathing shallow, all alone.

    Coming at the start of nowhere,
    things planned went to dispair.
    Exhausted and lost,
    Flare covered under frost.

    No visibility above,
    admist gloomy clouds.
    Stoned eyes in contemplation,
    dying to cry out loud.

    In all this chaos
    when life seems unfair.
    Ignite the spark from within
    Light up your flare.

    Calm the storm by acceptance,
    Pave a new path with hope.
    Faith will fuel your journey again,
    Lights will guide you home.

    Make setbacks turn you beleiver,
    Hardships make you strong.
    Choose courage in face of fear,
    Stand unbroken lifelong.