• alisdaire_ocaoimph 10w

    Finds I'm gone

    An oldie

    In the distance
    A clap of thunder rolls upon the night
    illuminating the flash of light
    crawls out from the underbelly of cloud
    races across the dark domain
    And frizzles away.

    Nights like these
    seem to hold me more tight
    The soft gentle rain falls
    across the lamp lite street
    reflecting like tiny stars
    Out upon the road.

    I seem locked to the radiance of the moment
    trapped between what my eyes see
    and the mind configures out and through
    the imagery that echo's within,
    Plays upon plays run their course
    And I day dream the moments whim.

    I've come to love these moments of solitude
    That somehow focuses deeper the inner me.
    I become resolved to my being, a little harmony of space
    That infatuates, lowers my guard and holds me in awe.
    A place of radiance, forbearance
    Where the thunder seems to touch my soul.

    It is here that I feel most alive
    that the reality of the moment springs from their eternal roots
    Those elements that drive and hold existence to,
    strains the moment, then in floods releases my heart
    to feel the grandeur, the solace of space and time
    Till vacuumed upon itself, I find I am gone.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph