• q_is_poetry 6w

    Conveyor Belt Boulevard

    These eyes watch life as I go by, on this conveyer belt.
    One side dissected of light & purpose, that may never been felt.
    On my right lies none, just a sky full of stars specialized in self.
    Reminded of failure's lingering grip, by associates' callous fingerprints.
    They're street walkers, fear mongers of your potential health.
    One shot by two counts of federal charges, at 25 in his life.
    One knotted by spineless fathers, charging DNA to safekeep life.
    I turn ahead & see my closer friends, painted by pearly whites.
    Bright as their wealthy futures, featuring a healthy family.
    They're pacifists, using fists to dap, & pass some bliss.
    One shows us the road to wholesome living, gears will turn once you listen.
    One told us that curses bolden, after you lose focus on purpose.
    Both sides yell out Q, come on Quan, let's go, move Bro.
    On each arm, the strongest tug I ever felt.
    But we know who's effort matters most, on this conveyer belt.