• sam_jesz 5w

    Dreadful Thoughts

    The truth is not a lie
    Braveness origins after shy
    No more emotions to buy
    They are to gain.

    Sometimes, it involves pain
    With signs of tidy strain
    And what if they drain
    From my past.

    I'm the one who is lost
    Inside the cunning vast
    And some spells had been cast
    It never let me wake from rust.

    I wanna be just
    A man with no lust
    And be the best
    But my feel flew high.

    You know I can't fly
    And I lost all my
    Dream, worries always multiply
    So, my life turned hard.

    None to guard
    Me, from sword
    Save or kill me Lord
    Or, dry my eyes, then, let me die.