• smitananda 6w

    I Seek You My Child

    I seek you my child
    Lost in me now
    I seek your innocent smiles
    Your plaintive eyes
    Asking for my love
    Asking to play with you
    To be around you
    To look at you
    With all my attention
    To talk to you
    And let you talk to me
    As much as you liked
    And not hurry you
    To do something else
    To take you around
    Among your friends
    Like other mamas did
    To not be harsh on you
    Your crying fits, your tempers
    Your troubling me and only me
    Your forever refusal
    To call me your best friend
    Your forever crying out for my love
    Your mama who I could not be
    I could not save you from myself
    I could not save you from unkind people
    Whom you had to entertain constantly
    So they wouldn’t beat you up
    But condescend to play with you
    You whose mama was never there
    Who was always lost in her own world
    Who wanted to forget that you existed
    Who felt bored around you
    Who just couldn’t love you
    Come back to me my child
    I want to make you my baby again
    Save you from the world and me
    This time I promise I won’t be harsh
    I will talk to you and listen to you
    I will play with you and hug you too
    I will always be around you when you play
    With your friends who won’t trouble you then
    I want to love you and never let you out of my sight
    No I will not run away from you
    Nor will I ask you to go out and play to sort yourself out
    I will come with you and we will sort ourselves together
    My child I do love you.