• whodat 9w

    Lonely Child

    Why was I born in a world so cold?
    Why do i live with all this pain and anger?
    Why does my pain follow me forever?
    Why I have to come in this world and raise my self?
    How come when I cried as a kid nobody was there to hold me?
    Why did it lead me to be on the block with my peers doing everything but the right thing?
    Why do I find myself doubting my loved one loyalty?
    Why do they test me like a assignment?
    Why do they think I'll let them treat me like this with no response in the future?
    Why do they underestimate me?
    Why do they know I get hyped easily but hype me up any way?
    Why do they anger me til I can't calm down til I don't want to calm down?
    Why does my heart my gut and my mind tell me I'm right to question there loyalty?
    Why do I feel like I'm here just as a example of how you shouldn't live life so fast?
    Why do I sometimes regret the choices I made when it was supposed to make me happier?
    Why do I feel so alone?
    Why are my thoughts filed with rage?
    Why did they have to shatter my heart into pieces and make me put them together with ice?
    Why does my heart literally feel cold?
    Why didn't anyone want to listen to my pain my struggle?
    Why did they wait until I didn't want to express my emotions anymore then get mad because of it?
    Why did they lie to me when they were the main thing keeping me going
    Why do the all walk on me?
    Why do I let them speak the way the do to me?
    Why when I want to speak my mind in a argument I want to say things to hurt people just to get them off my back?
    Why does it feel good when I follow through with it?
    Why does it feel good to cause pain
    I guess maybe it because that's the reaction I'm used to getting
    Why can't I feel comfortable with changing?
    Why can't I live with out the love to get even when I'm done wrong
    Why is my way of getting even to break there heart by the way I speak or treat them wrong in return?
    Why don't I regret it?
    Why did all this begin ?
    Why do I feel like my most loved people in my life are just temporary?
    Why do I feel like I'm just someone somebody can brag about having in there life when really I feel like there just waiting for the next best thing to come along
    Why did every last one of the decieve me?
    Why did I fall for it?
    Why do I they criticized me when there mistakes were worth leaving?
    Why they leave when I stayed?
    Why do they throw stuff in my face then wonder why I'm so angry?
    Why do they think I'll cool down fast?
    Why do I feel caged but when I think of leaving the cell I just want to stay locked down?
    Why do they expect so much of me?
    Why won't they let me do what I please?
    Why do I not want to trust the people close to me?
    Was it my environment?
    Was the lies I was told?
    Was it the pain these females gave me?
    Was it the fake love?
    Was it the deaths I've experienced in my life?
    Was it being a only child?
    Was it because my dad was gone?
    Was it seeing my mom get beat ?
    Was it because of the childhood that was taken from me?
    Why am I a lonely child?