• lumenconstance 5w

    Regretful to Grateful

    Enjoyed keeping the back from them
    As my muscles filled with joy
    And the pleasure sank within bone marrow
    The pupil enlarged as I kept feeling maturity within me.
    But what kind of joy would I have found? Pleasure?
    It only meant to break my heart and bones that I m left to grieve
    Little did the know that moving down the valley to hell was this tricky

    Yeah! Urwishigishiye ararusoma, and I have nobody to blame
    Kandi, nyamwanga kumva ntuyanze no kubona
    Kuko n'utarumviye se na nyina yumviye ijeri
    I was not deaf, so I heard all that I was told
    Sadly and regretfully, their words entered by one ear, and got out from another
    Now that I can't change the past, lemme live present and future.

    All I wish for is that no one of you regrets anything in the future.
    And if you do so by now, pick up a lesson for a better tomorrow!
    Stop being regretful, choose to be grateful!