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    I hate these words for multiple reasons

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    Words I hate

    Im sorry-this word is thrown around whenever someone is guilt,sad,or they just dont mean it. These words are used to punish yourself for something you dont need to be punished for. I HATE when people are something they shouldn't be sorry for.
    I love you- this word is just thrown around and i hate it also. I deeply dislike when someone says i love you and dont mean it,it gets on my nerves. I dont even say i love you to my family members,like you have to be very special for me to say i live you.
    Faggot/fag-this should explain its self, i punched a full grown man in the stomach because he called his my bestfriend/his son a fag in front of me.
    Any bad word (curse word)- i hate cussing,i dont see the point some people just cuss to well just cuss it doesn't even match with the words,like if your going to cuss at least try.
    Princess- I personally HATE LIKE MEGA HATE IT when people call me a little princess mainly because i hate it when people treat me like a girl because it insults my manliness.
    Edgy,emo,depressed,anxious- i hate these words mainly because i get called these everyday."look its the edgy boy...Hey emo potato!..dont go over there,he is that depressed boy,he might make you sad.... hey my little anxious princess." I mean seriously why,just why?
    Thank you for reading this,you didnt hsve to but your just so nice. If you didnt like it,its okay because i personally am doing all this for fun.