• rodney 10w

    You love Me.

    You know, you can never hate me.
    Then, why are you trying so hard to fight me.

    You are all I need, can't you see ?

    My one hunger and thirst.
    My one true love and trust.

    If it wasn't for you, I'd never wake up.
    If I weren't in your heart, why couldn't you give up ?

    I can't even think of rhymes because of the way you're fighting the feelings of you and me being together.
    If the river bank doesn't worry about water hitting it with hunger.
    Then, why do you worry about chopping woods to build a wall of timber.

    There's no seismic activity.
    There's only your fear of our vanity.

    Our love doesn't work like nature, that destroys its own handmade creativity.
    To recreate and prolong its own life, killing the depravity.

    We are mere mortals
    We live here on rentals.

    Laugh when sad.
    Cry when mad.

    Put on some masks to look rad.

    We live in the present, thinking mostly about what we had.

    So, why are you still mad ?

    I'll love you until this body decays.
    And it's bones turns to dust in the case.

    So, why are you mad ?

    When I'm here and you can hug me.
    Can't you see, how you love me ?

    How you loved me.