• hiyaa_ghiyaa 5w

    By unknown writer

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    Whip. Slash. Thrash
    Streaks of blood marked her milky skin,
    Glistening red drops in a glistening slash,
    Glistening tears like glistening dew.

    The earth goddess was ravenous, thirsty,
    Her greedy tongue feeding on the blood and gore,
    Mud-brown mouths sucking, the parasites lusty,
    Infinite mouths drinking infinite grief.

    No one heard her screams.
    No one saw as her life was torn apart.
    No one smelt the burning of her dreams.
    All alone she lay, dead inside yet alive.

    Her eyes cried for help yet no one listened,
    Blood dripped into the soft brown mud,
    Yet no one helped.
    She sank, the blood-red mud, the brown-dirt blood.

    And slowly she became a part of the earth,
    A part of a whole, or the whole of a part.