• ashilah 23w

    Your world and theirs

    You tell yourself that even if you're gone, the sun will continue to rise, the stars will continue to shine and the world won't stop spinning? Then why not just go away and take your life? The answer is frustratingly simple.

    Don't tell me that your mother won't wake up everyday feeling like a failure, wishing that she could have brought you home from the hospital instead of taking your coffin to the graveyard.

    Don't tell me that your father won't start taking late night shifts in a desperate attempt to keep his mind busy, lest it wanders to a painful memory of yours and the tears start spilling again.

    Don't tell me your best friend, the one who thought they knew you better than anyone else, won't be staring blankly at everything and everyone because you died with half of their soul in you.

    Don't tell me your friends won't be wishing that it was all a stupid joke of yours when the principal announces your death, wishing you would appear and say "Joking!" like always.

    Don't tell me that the world will continue spinning, the stars will still shine and the sun will always rise as radiantly as ever.

    Because to those who matter, their world won't ever be the same anymore.