• peacewarrior 10w


    Not for the mistakes I have done, they taught me to be smart. I regret not for the things i have done, i was aware of the consequences.I regert for silence which i held even when I want to burst out. I regret for being a coward who is afraid to speak the mind. I regret the chances I missed to express my feelings. Time goes by, people change and I regret for being the same old me full of fear and disappointment.

    So now I am moving forward, keeping my regrets aside. This time there will be no regrets, I am done with the fear and pain. From now there is no silence, no fear. I am ready to face it because I now learned there is no pain or fear worst than the regert. I speak my mind, my heart and there is no regret for being myself. I forget the past and my regerts, moving forward with no regrets. After all it is me who is in charge, so no regret.