• seraphic_pristine 10w

    I think I'm falling asleep

    I opened my eyes , still found in the sea
    Searched for the life as far I could see
    nothing I found , but only me
    covered by the lonely wavy sea
    floating somewhere so aimlessly,

    It's been awhile, I'm floating the same
    Looking for the help but no body came
    and with each passing day I 'm fading away
    away from the shore, loosing my way

    Living alone was fine those days,
    when my ship was perfect in every ways
    no stir in the air , no stir in the sea,
    the ship was as still as she could be
    had water to drink and food to feed,
    had gleaming eyes with face so neat
    The sun in heaven was shining gay
    Everything seemed so good on that day
    Cranes screaming round and round
    and there was a pleasure in their sound
    the cheering power of the spring
    made me whistle and always sing
    Waves used to be beautiful and bright,
    sparkling water with the crystalline tide

    But now nights are getting colder
    freezing winds aching my shoulder
    So thick a have o'espreads the sky
    that I cannot see the sun on high,
    the wind hath blowing gale all day
    and at the evening it hath died away
    Nights are quivering, sooty so hoarse,
    wobbling feet in the deck so coarse
    icy waves are crumpling my deck
    I'm turning cold, as I can feel the neck
    night is so cold and I'm shivering here
    endless throbs are unabling me to hear,
    as chilly air is disabling my ear

    I can feel the whirls about my feet
    it's freezing cold and I can feel my teeth
    Now the night is getting more dark
    fading away all the existing spark,
    And I think it's going to be more
    more darker and colder than before

    Now I am lacking the sense of feel,
    my heart is cold and my body so still
    Lungs are struggling to take a breathe,
    hands are senseless and so are my feet
    On the deck where I took my stand
    it's getting dark , cannot see the land
    Now my eyes too getting cold
    the night's freezing and its hard to hold
    Hope it'll be lighter soon,
    for there is the dawn of the rising moon,
    waves are now rushing on every sides
    my ship is sinking beneath the tides
    I think I shall be soon falling asleep
    alone in this dark and freezing deep