• britney_writes 6w

    I wish I could erase all of your scars
    I wish I could soak your body in the most expensive perfume
    I wish that I could hold your hands and show you all the very amazing things you could do
    I wish that I could whisper to you how much I love you everyday
    I wish I could make you see how much of a star you are
    But I am just your reflection
    You lock me up in this facade of depressing hole of what your life is supposed to be
    I want to help you, to help us but you cover me up in layers and layers of make up
    You lie to the rest of the world that you're fine while gradually drowning in your own pool of destruction
    Let me help you, help us
    We got hurt before but we could be better
    Let me take your scars away, let me take our scars away.