• masoomah 4w

    Who do you think your enemy is?
    If you feel that it's the one you argued with previously or the one who slanders you secretly,
    Then you are making an error!

    Behind those broken bondages and
    Pin drop silence which you acquired
    By giving birth to this bitterness,
    Is a evil being which you hardly think of !
    It's the devil who is within you, in your blood;
    Who seeks advantage to spread venom in your braincells and whispers in your heart
    to bring about disasters,
    Who inflates your inner rage to set fire
    to the things your eyes catch;
    who turns your mildness into delirium,
    love into hatred, friends into foe..
    It's the same devil who makes you totally
    lost , desolate and despaired !
    It's the same devil who represents you
    as an insane in front of everyone!
    Those who mock the unfortunates
    Are also occupied by these wretches.
    Cause the very devils inhabit each of us!

    They are the agents of Satan !
    Having thrusted by the Lord
    of the heavens and world, and
    With arrogance in blood and
    disobedience in heart ,
    He took an oath of misleading us!
    Through the decades
    we've been following his path !
    Being heedless of the jeopardy
    we've gone astray!
    Ever since the life began he has been chasing us, and till the end of the world, will chase ceaselessly!