• shivji_gupta 22w

    I Asked The Clouds

    I asked the clouds,
    "Where have you been, When I needed you?"
    He smiled and said,
    "You got a house but no roof
    And the one got the roof,
    Needs to see the twinkling stars,
    As they have a dream of
    Sitting there at 3 AM."

    Then I asked the cloud,
    "Where have you been at 3 PM?"
    He smiled and said,
    "The trees requested me, not to come
    Birds were singing a happy song.
    The moon didn't want to
    Rise all alone in the dusky sun."

    "Then why are you here? when,
    I didn't ask you to come."
    He cried and said,
    "The roofs were burning,
    The lights faded the stars,
    And the trees want to see their
    True color, lost behind the scars,
    And the moon now want to hide himself
    Behind the clouds, when he found
    No one looking at him to adore".