• yusrayasin 6w


    Such a heavy heart,
    A stone placed on top!
    Bickering in this cold,
    My mind's all cloaked.

    Damaged beyond repair,
    Our love is in disarray.
    Was it meant to be?
    Or it "was" meant to be!

    Ah! My love,
    It's such a conundrum
    With so much agony.

    Let's just hope for the best,
    As it may be a test;
    To question our loyalty and trust,
    In which everyone usually fails.

    But fear not love!
    We ain't a couple of sycophants.
    'Cause you only told me once;

    "To love someone is not just a feeling you embrace,
    But to accept their flaws and help them with their craziest mistakes!"