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    A Stone

    You know, sometimes i feel it
    I know Im a hard stone
    My inside filled with nothing but some harsh matter
    Yeah no heart!
    But dont the evils cry in grief?
    Or wont the thorns feel the pain of the persons walking on them?
    I know, I was thrown by those delectable kids
    And here I am in water
    Tha water around me has also led a flow of thoughts in my mind
    Why was I thrown?
    Or yeah a stubborn, solid symbol
    Which make me thrown item!
    Or might am an item to be seen by particular eyes
    Which can get my beauty in any way?
    Sometimes I feel it,
    Yeah the thoughts flowing
    Those act of throwing
    All makes me feel disheartened
    After all am something filled with harsh matter
    With no heart!