• aayesha_jenet 6w


    I'm not a perfect girl
    I have a lot of flaws
    I have a bad side
    But then I'm trying to be the best

    I get angry most of the time
    I'm moody
    I'm not easy to handle
    But then you're still there keep on holding

    I'm sorry for all the pain I'm giving to you
    I'm sorry for all of your headaches because of me
    I'm sorry because I'm one of your source of stress
    But I just want you to know I keep on trying

    This is me trying not to be affected
    This is me who's trying so hard to show I'm okay
    This is me who will say everything's alright
    But sometimes I need also a rest

    If something happens, It's not your fault
    It's me because I know I'm the problem
    It's not you because you're too good for me.