• plethora_of_thought 5w

    From Earth to Mars.
    For me and for you From to Mars in secret
    At night From the Earth with your hands

    Of never and tell me when
    When you dance In your dreams

    When you sing in my soul
    Shocked Shivering.

    From my hands
    Still bone That hold your hair
    As a cloak.

    Not from you, not from me
    Now I want not to kiss you

    I just want me look like before.

    Tell me now, tell me never
    Why have I never left
    To think of you

    When the time
    Is about to erase you From my mind
    Forever From you it comes back
    As a mitigating arrow.

    Neither from me nor from you Why from Mars
    To the earth Are millions of kilometres
    To forget you ...