• gyejeolcheongso 6w


    How I explain my self that why I always fails in love .
    why I always regret about my decision..️
    I am hurt inside when what ever I want I never get that ..
    it's hurt that whom I love he leave me without any hesitation and make reason me for our ends ..
    It's not that I planned ..from starting ..
    How I explain to my heart that ..
    That kiss was not that joke at all
    It's was my feeling that comes..
    So many photos makes remember me about you ..
    so many times I delete but why I can't forget you .our memories still remains same .
    But in the end I just explain to my heart
    That person was not right for me ..
    he is not with me for a reason .I remember everything for a reason and I am hurt for a reason ...and
    I have a hope I will get my love ..for sure and better then past