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    I had become the modernized cosmopolitan New York resident
    After living in it for 5 years.
    Tonight I look out of the yellow ambassador
    As the night sky of Calcutta clears.

    I see the Writer's building and Metcalfes hall,
    Victoria memorial with its dazzling beauty is what I see.
    The shut down coffee house, the sleeping city of joy slowly wakes the hibernating Bangalee in me.

    As the driver generously puts on Rabindrasangeet,
    I heave a sigh.
    It was finally time to bid my modernized self
    A goodbye.

    I see lanes of books on College street
    As their musty smell fills up my nose,
    As it is December, Park street
    Is where all the happiness and revelry goes.

    I pause at a small shop,
    The driver offers me bhaarer cha.
    My driver and me both enjoy it,
    But as I see a moving stall, I can't help but hog onto 12 phuchkas.

    Refreshing myself at home, seeing the evergreen Uttam-Suchitra duo on TV,
    With My mom serving posto bhaat one hand
    And on the other slowly waking up the hibernating Bangalee in me.

    I have finally reached home
    And as passive as the beautiful Ganga
    It is here that my true, happy soul roams.

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    Ode to Calcutta

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