• kaanartist 5w


    Embarrassed by the way you said.
    It made me wish I was dead.
    Defensively I didn’t wait.
    Attempted to reciprocate.
    The same way that you caused me pain.
    Now everyone’s left in the rain.
    Ashamed I made too deep a stain.
    Revenge had not a thing to gain.
    Wish i could just take it back.
    How I showed a heart of black.
    It’s not my heart I hope you know.
    Regret nows what I want to show.
    I can’t change that of the past.
    I just know this shame will last.
    So please forgive me if you would.
    Because I can’t even if I could.
    But if the sands of time I had.
    I would’ve never made you sad.