• a_nkit_ 19w

    Listen my girl .. �� my dear wifu .. I love you I really do .. but I can't help .. I am so possessive towards you .. I can't afford to share you with anyone ..

    Yes I feel jealous when u talk to anyone or even give them just that hug or kiss emoji .. I really hate it ..

    I want you to love me just me .. and I promise I will always be your side loving you Caring for you ..��

    There will be times when we will have misunderstandings . We will loose interest in each other. I will start hating you .. will be rude will taunt you .. will be so angry to abuse you ..

    I just want please hug me that time and say .. I love you just you ����

    Don't leave me alone .. I love you and forever will

    And never ever say me to find someone else ����

    And we will have 4 babies ������ no arguments on this

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    Yes you are my timepass

    If you think loving someone is time pass ..

    Thinking about them whole day

    Planning life with them

    Thinking of having a good and happy life with them

    Is all time pass .. then yes

    Yes you are my time pass

    Yes you are right I have used you

    Baby if you think loving someone badly

    Giving you whatever I have

    All the smooth kisses and the tight hugs which I had saved for my wife I have given that to you ..

    If you think I did these all just to satisfy my needs ..

    Then yes you are right yes

    Yes I used you

    Yes I don't love you

    If you think someone is so unemployed that he gives all his time to you ..

    Wants to talk to you whole day and night ..

    Want to love you more ..

    Wants to take care of you for his whole life ..

    Still u think I don't love you ..then it's fine yes

    Yes I don't love you ..