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    Here comes the part of story which justifies the title �� hope u guys like it

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    Forbidden love ~ 35

    After Alex left Sarah got nothing to do but focus on her work .Alicia kept her bossy attitude like always , Sarah's life was engulfed by work once again .Tho six months isn't too much time but hard work of Sarah made her way to COO ( cheif operating officer ) the fourth highest rank in company .Sarah was more than happy ..well of course coz she get promoted as COO but the more exciting fact was that now as COO of xiaomi industries she got transferred to their branch in America for their development in US *oh how long it has been since we talked I guess four months or five ..ahhhh it's been long , firstly it was going smooth but then work stress increased but as far as I remember he abruptly stopped talking after his business trip to UK , he changed his number I guess , well boi u better not roaming around with other girls ....Sarah chuckled to her own thoughts ...I'm gonna surprise him ,how strange things take turn , just a stranger I met for few days and then he took my heart with him , sometimes it take years to be compatible with a person and sometime * Sarah's thought journey was put to a halt as air hostess's voice informed them about their arrival .After a few days of settling in her very own office ,Sarah reported at HIGHTECH corporates main office .Sarah didn't had appointment with Alex so she gotta wait but as a representative of XI, she was allowed to wait for him in private lounge.It faced directly Alex's office front door .She waited around four hours and then Alex came out , he didn't even paid any attention to his surrounding, as he passed through lounge ,in the time Sarah got up to approach him ,he crossed lounge and disappeared from her sight ....not even a slight change on his face as if he just saw a stranger and had no idea why she's here ." Ahm he must be busy ,no biggie ,I have whole day ,I'll wait " Sarah said to walls around her .Didn't know for how long Sarah waited ,from morning to lunch and then to evening .Alex came in and again stormed directly into his office without even noticing Sarah .At last it was office off time and about fifteen mins after staff left Alex proceeded to leave , this time Sarah shouted in time " hey " ,Alex turned around to face widly grinning face of Sarah despite of his behavior in whole day .Sarah wanted to hug Alex so badly after such a long time and waited for his stupid but killing grin but instead she got a cold stare ," YES ?" Sarah gave him a puzzled look " I've noticed u earlier ,u didnt had appointment but u r waiting till now so mind explaining why ur here " Sarah's face looked like as someone just slapped her for no reason " what..what ..why r u act_" ." Look miss ,I have no free time so pardon me , if u have to talk about something imp related to work then I can spare some time for u otherwise plz head toward exit ." I..i" Sarah stammered trying hard to not to cry at moment ." K so u don't have anything imp here to talk about so plz miss I'll appreciate ur departure then" Alex shoved her aside ( with his shoulder) and walked past her . Sarah stood there frozen .