• aditya_periwal 10w


    Paint a picture that's as pure as white can be.
    I'm going to the yet unseen world.

    When I was a child I wandared.
    Everyday under this gray sky.
    So many dreams ran together.
    With a different map each day
    Evey dream is changing my map everytime.

    I wondered if someday I'll make beyond that cloud. Even though I was taking only these small steps towards it.
    The falling raindrops are persisting an irregular reflection.
    As they're seeing into my heart.
    Wounded to put a bold front.
    The Rays of light are scattered through the droplets.
    Criss crossing each other.
    Going forever, not knowing where they're headed.
    My eyes are burned by a fleeting afterimage.
    That's why I've to go to this unseen world.