• golden_mean 6w

    How to feed you my hungry mind ?
    Which itself doesn't know what it wants.
    Between I want this I want that,
    I am totally pissed off !!
    Inspite of being a good owner,
    You don't serve me nor treat me with love.
    Should I get some oxytocin?
    At least this hug hormone does me some good.
    Struggling the world has been a cake walk,
    But how to defeat you my own companion,

    I have been so generous to you,
    Tried my best to fulfill your needs.
    Yet it didn't pay me anything.
    You have taken me granted.
    I m drowning in grief !

    Why are you being so mean?
    Don't you fear me?
    Don't you pity me?
    Have you lost it completely?

    Believe me ,its getting worse.
    I m engaged with disheartening thoughts,
    A darkness dispelling around me,
    Where even my shadow has left me.

    But no! I won't let this happen.
    I can't be crumbled because of you.
    You were meant to be my slave.
    Don't dare unlearn this,
    You are there to obey me.
    And you have to,
    I won't take it anymore
    You get this !!
    Get this my dear mind.

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