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    The Love Story Between The Wolf And The Moon

    Before, there existed the wolf and the moon in a world full of plants and trees. God created them both to see and feel the beauty of His masterpieces.

    The wolf keeps on expressing his love and devotion to the moon. They were both delightful and satisfied with each other's arms. Devouring their time appreciating nature, until God made the sky. The moon fell in love with the sky in a short period of time, even if the sky was far away from her. She was looking up to take some brief looks at the sky. Those glances were for the wolf not to notice anything, but she was not that good at keeping things to her lover. Every action of her was observed by the wolf. He was badly hurt and he felt the burning sensation coming from his heart. Even before the sky was created, the trees and every God's creation witnessed their promise of love and loyalty to each other.

    He tried to talk to the moon but she was always ending their conversation. There was a time when he saw her laughing because of the sky, he then formed a smile on his lips but his eyes were saying the opposite. His feelings never changed for the moon, for it is always her that he cherishes.

    One night, when everything is peacefully feeling the cold atmosphere, the wolf finally asked about the moon's relationship with the sky. The moon denied to his question; however, he repeated it because he wanted an answer.

    The moon got a chip on her shoulder. She lost all her patience because of the wolf's stubbornness. Under the beautiful sky, the moon ran away from the wolf. Because of his overflowing emotions, he made a deal with the sky, that whoever finds the moon first, will claim her as his. His decision is just so out of hand.

    As expected, the sky won because he has the ability to see the whole world easily. The wolf's possibility of winning is like chickens having teeth. The sky traced the moon and by God's permission, the sky went to land and hugged the moon when he saw the wolf almost being there.

    The moon chose to be with the sky and they seek for God's consent. It happened while the wolf was watching behind an oak tree. He saw how the sky came back to its original place from above, and this time, the Sky became so displeasing for him to look at—his beloved is there, with her another lover.

    Then God approached him and heard the wolf crying because of pain and sorrows under his skin. The creator told him that He could make another moon for him to love and cherish for the rest of his life. On the other hand, the wolf was aware of his feelings for his moon. Even if God insists on giving him plenty of other moons, he would still be in love with his one and only moon. They both made a promise and he will never break it for another woman.

    Now, we witness how the wolf cries for the moon while she is happy with her sky, not knowing that the sky also has his stars being there for him.

    Every night, the wolf would cry and confess that he will remain in love and loyal to his moon.

    (photo credits to andrea hrnjak)

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