• eternallypurple_starstruck 6w

    I dont need lamentations
    Cause am no more afflicted with anyone
    I broke up the valley of desolation into fragments
    Those mortals pleased me but I buried them up
    I may seem inscrutable but yeaa thats me

    I had sermon with myself
    That helped me to develop a high enlightenment
    They might haunt me , and I may fall
    But I'll again spreadeagle my wings and fly off
    Am no more willing to pass by thoroughfares, the sky is all mine

    I might wave at resolutely stifled ones
    And take along the those who have ventured out
    Those drivels may become curtly
    But they'll never make me repulsive
    They might just mimic and mimic and get lost in the crowd

    I'll haughtily make their way
    Those who'll kindle wistfully would finally fly high the following day
    I might be on silent haunches amongst the crowd
    As its not appropriate to be overconfident and egoistic about those wings
    For those who are engrossed...
    Lets ambush upright and flyyy highh

    ~Mehak Vishwakarma

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