• love_you_poetry 23w

    This is a short free verse poem about how people can effect you, about how you could feel even if you don't show it. Please enjoy.

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    My life feels like it's crumbling, I feel like crying for hours non stop. I feel like locking myself away so no one can ever look at me again. I feel like at any second you could leave me, you could just let me fall and I'd be all alone. Maybe I feel like having someone who cares as much as you around me could make me weaker. Would make me show my emotions and leave my walls down to allow other people to hurt me. Maybe I feel like I can't depend on people. I don't know what to do. I feel like my life is crumbling, no I feel like I'M crumbling and I feel like I have no supports to hold me up and to stop me from breaking.