• mikayla_m 5w

    Lord of Crazy Town and Lady of the Corner

    What’s another lost love In a long list of ex lovers
    Not gonna lie it was the best I had felt in a few years
    Better than I did at my own achievements
    Sometimes I wish I had just accepted defeat and let you be the best friend
    But that’s all past I’m letting go
    This time once and for all
    Some Unanswered questions will still be an active volcano in my head
    Maybe the dust from my books will cover them up
    Maybe this will just end up being another chapter in the big book of the lady of the corner’s adventures
    Or maybe it will consume the book
    Like it did me
    Maybe in a year I’ll walk past you and kiss you in the middle of a road somewhere
    Maybe I’ll ignore you and walk away
    The latter very unlikely to happen
    But I’ll still try
    Maybe one of those beautiful dreams of mine will come true
    Maybe I’ll finally find you
    Till then my dear dear friend
    I’ll love you and I only wish the best for you
    Hoping you prove everyone wrong
    Again I say
    What’s another lost love in a long list of ex lovers
    Thought that the tale of lord of crazy town and lady of the corner would end with forever
    A wise advice from a very wise man
    I’ll always keep in mind
    “If it’s not happy it’s not the ending”
    Still waiting on that happily ever after
    Love always Meggy