• xorkuosho 5w


    This is a poery of what is happening,
    A pit i find myself and am still digging,
    Got introduced to indioc through a friend,
    And immediately fell for his influence,
    Really was good on me.. I made her an addiction,
    Cheapy her, indioc is what i can afford,
    Really good on me, it what i thought,
    But indioc was eating me up inside,
    I decided to let her go but i think I will die,
    The poison i enjoy to take,
    But keeps my life at stake,
    What i hate but think of,
    The tumor hurting me but can't cut off,
    What i drop today..but run after tomorrow,
    And i know what knocking on mydoors is sorrow,
    Can i really let indioc go...lol
    Maybe No.. indioc is the weed you know.. IGBĂ’...