• sadar_ammar 10w

    Another restless night

    Countless nights I lay awake staring celling thinking about you
    Might be losing my mind from all these thoughts about you
    Fighting the urge to text you cause I know how that will end but,
    Writing about how I feel about you doesn't even seem help all it does is bring tears to my face but,
    All these fears I had came true

    For its a shame cause I was hoping it wasn't yet here I lay awake thinking about how I lost you
    Most days I just lay in bed crying about you so much so my eyes have turned red but,
    I've tried to find a way to feel better but,
    İ can't say I've found any so I'll lay here yet another night thinking about you while I hold back my tears
    I'll think back to all those years of me and you
    Itll take a lifetime to forget it all but,

    İ don't get how you can replace me so fast
    Trying get past everything but,
    Seeing you with her brought back everything cause I see the glow in your eyes as you look at her
    As you hold her tight and I'm trying to fight the tears but,
    This isn't right, taking her to the place you used to say is ours how could you?
    Were you just faking how you feel with me or,

    Was any of it real for I'm trying to make some sense into but,
    İ wouldn't know I just know that was dense of you to replace me so quick
    For maybe all these years meant nothing to you
    But, these tears I shed will soon fade away and I'll soon feel okay
    Soon you'll hear about how well I'm doing while you're the one who's dealing with a broken heart
    For now I shall dwell on the past hoping this restless night won't last