• tengsuangsangma 5w


    Too early to sleep,
    There are promises I have to keep.
    Time to design and ponder deep..
    Dreams, that are not seen when asleep.

    As I go where the river takes me,
    Stars above seems to mock me.
    As I go where the life takes me;
    The days, the nights..feels lonely.

    Million questions to ask..
    Can I find the answers before dusk?
    Million questions to ask..
    Answering, I realized is a difficult task.

    The night comes crawling,
    Death comes nearing..
    But my heart still be singing,
    The soul but, is aching.

    Life looks down on me,
    Giving me it's crooked sneer..
    But there's still a dream I see,
    The dream I think, is very dear.