• jayasmita 6w

    How something's never change na??
    Just a phone call and all the things start flashing before your eyes,u suddenly remember you're no more in the same city,you start remembering the couch on which u used to lay,& you suddenly remember the the favourite corner of your room, you remember how your mom said AGAIN!!! 4 yrs back while chatting for hours with her"You went to school today right? then why calling again???" But how time has changed & she doesn't say anything but just asks,what did she say today, how's she doing,
    how being in a different city will hit this hard never than before,literally it's not a bestfriend thing n seriously something real above than that & these relations are tagless,when u don't talk daily,but how u spill out all your feelings after years, & you say everything in a sequence,from first to last, & you seriously understand how distance is just a number, really life doesn't fail to surprise us...