• anayachan 22w

    A poem for a brother

    She was lonely on the verge of losing herself;
    She was weary of the long road ahead,
    So there was a brother who put aside his own troubles himself.
    Took her hand and lead her through the maze,
    His strong arms both fought for her and kept her warm when she needed to rest her head;
    She was fragile , and silly
    So there was a brother to scold off her folly....
    Pity little things she did without thinking,
    She was lucky to have a brother no less stronger than the prince of Lan Ling.
    His wit, his humour and his valour were her weapons in the battle ;
    And the warmth of his hand her greatest measure to fettle...
    The imprudent, unplanned actions that so easily stood in her way;
    Fate was kind to put a brother on her list of things to listen to always.
    Your little sister can't speak too well;
    So today she thinks it fit to pen down her thoughts that so deeply dwell,
    In the parts of her brain she herself is sometimes oblivious to;
    There is no better way to know she loves you too.