• prasannakkumar 9w

    Title: still is a question as to....

    What would I have done
    if ever
    you never crossed my mind,
    I was a hollow being
    with no feelings,
    no emotions,
    no tears,
    no smiles,
    you foraged into my mind
    touching upon the heart,
    the very moment
    experienced the pain of flow
    of bloodstream,
    It's not painful per se
    but its
    a pain of smooth floral feelings
    bloomed with the fragrance
    of my soul,
    I learnt what emotions feel like,
    I leant to smile
    you made my memory recall
    those sweet nothings,
    I learnt how to cry thinking about,
    when you are not around,
    What would I have done,
    if ever you never crossed my mind,
    I might have left
    to be a callous clump of bones
    that are covered
    by the skin of no significance

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