• maxxxxx_ 5w

    We could’ve turn into something so ethereal.

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    A reaction utterly unbearable, held by the face of the man who ran away
    Arrogance as his facade, a coward whom he is by the unscathed edge
    Tear off his mask that he carelessly let loose by the day
    Shatter the glass as brokenly with force to drive out what is hidden

    The afterimage stood inside her head as if it was the real him
    But he was like sand, no matter how much you hold on
    He’ll find a way to get away from the sharp scythe thrown at him
    A reason to his questionable anchor that’s weighing him down

    Deception was his greatest weapon he has ever polished
    But she was his kryptonite casually walking with scars and bruises overshined by her smile
    A perfected perfume none can ever resist its alluring scent
    Blindedly moving forward with little hope in her hands

    A quest with no ending whatsoever without the other
    Undiscernable feeling towards each other magneting both unresistably
    Glimming galaxies in the eyes of the hope and weakness
    Overrule the tainted soul that lies inside you to hold the hand of love